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My Story

Hi I’m Amy! I am so glad you are here!

I’m a mother, Karuna© reiki master, traveler, adventure seeker, coffee connoisseur, gardener, jewelry maker and nature lover!

I have a passion to help beautiful beings discover their authentic souls and heal themselves along the way! I hope I can help each individual I work with find their true essence and confidently define how they show up in the world.

I use reiki, crystal healing, and spiritual life coaching to transform the lives of my clients.

A big theme in my life has always been to help people, but it started to take a toll on me mentally and physically because I didn’t know how to protect my own energy. I was becoming so overwhelmed from taking on the world’s problems and constantly giving too much of myself to others. I also struggled with reverse culture shock when I returned to my home country after living abroad for 10+ years. This led to anxiety and depression. I didn’t understand how something that should be normal, feel so foreign. It took a few years before my home started to feel like home again. I was constantly searching to find my place in this world as an empath and looking for the answer outside of myself.

I soon realized I could not help people or take care of my family properly if I was not taking care of myself! Reiki has helped me recognize my sensitivities and understand what a gift being a sensitive person is. I have done a lot of personal healing with reiki, meditation, breath-work, mindfulness, working with health and life coaches, and working with healing crystals. I also discovered I am always home within myself, no matter where I was in the physical world. 

I love how my journey of learning, growing, and healing will never stop. I hope to use my knowledge and resources to help others on their own personal life journey! 

The Java Skye Story

Java Skye started when I lived in Bali, Indonesia in 2005 as a fair-trade island style online shop selling clothing and jewelry. My family and I moved back to the US the following year and I started doing pop up markets around NC.  Java Skye has evolved with me as I also grow and change. I recently rebranded to Java Skye Healing Arts, which includes reiki, crystal healing, spiritual coaching, and healing gemstone jewelry.  I am now based in Winston-Salem, NC but return to my second home in Indonesia (Bali & Java) as often as I can. 

The Java Skye Healing Arts logo has a crescent moon and a lotus flower. The lotus flower represents transformation, spiritual enlightenment, and compassion. The crescent moon represents intuitiveness, feminine empowerment, new opportunities and optimism. My children, Java and Skye, are my inspiration to empower people to transform, heal, and become the whole human they were meant to be. When a person heals or discovers their true-life purpose, this raises the collective vibration and makes our world a more peaceful place for everyone and betters the future world our children will inherit. 

How I Discovered Reiki 

Reiki first came to me when I was taking a yoga teacher training course in Nashik, India in 2005. At the time, I was more focused on my travels and yoga, so I don’t even remember what kind of Reiki it was! I distinctly remember my guru drawing the reiki symbols in my hand, as we sat in a circle on yoga mats one very hot Indian summer afternoon. Since that time, Reiki has been with me throughout my adventures in South Korea, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, India, and back again to the US. It has been with me through the beautiful births of my 2 children in Ubud, Bali, lifelong friendships, and my cross-cultural marriage. 

Reiki found me again when I moved back to my hometown in NC. I was reattuned in Usui Reiki for level 1 and 2 in 2019. It felt like I had found my purpose, all this time I have been carrying Reiki with me and now it was time to share it with others. I decided to get my Holy Fire© Reiki Master Teacher Certification in January of 2020 with Bryce Goebel and I work closely with my Reiki mentor Tressa Krenzer.  In 2022, I become a Reiki Teacher for Loving Kindness School of Reiki and continute to teach Reiki level 1 and 2.  I recently attained my Karuna© Reiki Master Certification and love the new Reiki energy.

Other Trainings

I certified as a Spiritual Life Coach from Life Purpose Institute in 2020 and certified as a Crystal Practitioner from Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy in 2021. I was recently ordained in 2022 and am a member of LEWA (Light and Energy Workers Association).

In 2020, my soul sister Kristin and I decided to start an online spiritual community, Soul Shift Collective! On our online platform, you can find free and paid courses to help you grow and deepen your spirituality, along with a spiritual community and support from like-minded people. 

You found me for a reason, and I would love to connect with you and find ways we can work together! Send me a message or sign up for a session! 

I look forward to connecting with you.

Shine brightly beautiful soul!!

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